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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 24, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm MST

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down in the open field. >> gus: punt it away from the ten. barry sanders the deep man. the ball goes dead. inside the 25. nice punt by 53 yards. oklahoma state offense coming back on the field. can james washington come up with a big play?
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>> gus: here are a few players to keep your eye on
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obviously, lamar jackson, christian mccaffrey. stafford getting a big come-from-behind victory tonight at ucla. jakeem right now the clear -- jackson right now is the clear leader. i don't think humphrey gets enough credit. j.d. barrett put himself in this. don't forget about peppers from the defensive side. he is a phenomenal fullback has done a nice job catching the ball tonight. jarwin and zac veatch. >> joel: they have had to find other offensive weapons because of what baylor has done taking away james washington. we have seen the tight end and the fullback be more involved than before. oklahoma state having to rely on the run game more than in the past.
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by the 29. first down, oklahoma state. oklahoma state has been able to come up with the big drives in this game. as you take a look at washington on the sideline now. >> joel: he ran a deep go route on the first down. came there for the second down. as i said before on the last drive, that is the style of the run game they have been more successful with. on the last play, when are down hill. last week, huge week. 296. tonight up able to get things going because of the defensive structure. >> gus: first down. rudolph. throws deep. looking for washington. incomplete. double covered. vaughn and stewart. right there. >> joel: it is so dangerous to throw a double move route. you see the move from washington into a deep safety.
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there. he had a great chance. probably should have intercepted. in fact, it hits him in the chest. he has to come down with that. rudolph made a clear mistake there. putting the ball up for grabs here in the fourth quarter. >> gus: second down and ten at the 36. fake a reverse. picks up a first down. stewt but justice hill, the redshirt freshman showing his power as he gains 12. >> joel: there is the straightaway run game. you can see his confidence growing as the game goes along. >> gus: 18 carries. 71 yards. first and ten. hill again. blocker. and on the sideline.
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the baylor 15. 39 yards. he is over 100. >> joel: block on the outside. zachary crabtree. that is the one that gets him. it's called a "hook block." he gets the edge set and hill takes off. you see the speed and the explosiveness down the sideline. best run play by a wide margin by oklahoma state there. we have a baylor player injured down o ?? tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto?- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart
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let's go to l.a. for a game break. >> mike: s.e.c. battle in arlington. number ten texas a&em and arkansas in the third. knight found reynolds who found the corner. 92 yards later he is in the end zone. aggies in front. back to you. >> gus: all right. thank you. verkedric vaughns walked off the field on his own for baylor. first and ten at the 14. hands off. justice hill! almost broke it but did pick up the first down >> joel: the ballgame loose late. >> referee: the ruling on the field is the ball carrier is down by rule. first and goal. >> joel: steps out of a tackle right there. shows good power for a small
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>> referee: prior to the snap, the ruling on the field, is under further review. >> joel: they will take another look at this. go to that opposite angle. this will give us a much clearer picture. as he is going down. and the ball starts to come loose. i didn't think that elbow was down yet. it was so the question is between the left elbow and the ball starting to come loose out of the right arm. >> gus: i think it's a fumble. >> joel: i think so, too. i didn't think the elbow was there. now here is also what will be talked about in the review. clear recovery made. by baylor. also the verbiage will be in the immediate action, which this is the immediate action. >> gus: mike pereira joins us. the rules analyst.
9:11 pm
>> mike: i think you and joel are right on this. listen, it's the left elbow that hit first. but the ball is already rolling out of his hands. to me, element number one is the ball coming loose before the elbow is down? yes. element number two, is there a clear recovery by lale -- by baylor? there is. i think baylor gets the ball at the one. >> gus: boy, we have seen this before. >> joel: they were just down here inside the ten yard line and went for it on fourth down. baylor defense. mike, i agree with you. it looks like a fumble and recovery and the immediate action by baylor to set them up at the first and ten at the one yard line. >> gus: jim grobe, 64 years old. the interim coach in his first year. up defeat -- undefeated to start the season. in the 13 years he was at wake forest he brought his team to
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it was art briles' debut. >> joel: what a break. the defense has been tremendous. >> referee: after further review the ball is fumbled before the ball carrier was down. baylor recovered in the immediate continuing action. it's baylor's ball, first and ten from the one yard line. >> joel: you have to give credit to the defense. they have been on long time. that was the 83 snap of the gape for oklahoma state -- snap of the game for oklahoma state. they continue to come up with stops. fourth and one on the last series inside the 5-yard line. now as justice hill is lunging toward the goal line baylor's defense comes up strong again with a turnover. getting the ball back to their own. >> gus: deep in their own territory.
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terence williams in at running back for baylor. williams. fake a hand up. russell will get to the line of scrimmage. >> joel: just barely. this is one of those times when a veteran quarterback like seth russell, he can use some things in his like a hard cadence. going on two. you can get three five yards the other way. >> gus: he has to make a big throw on this series. they have made some huge catches for third down. russell. up the sideline.
9:14 pm
ish! first down baylor. 32 yards for zamora. >> joel: this route is. impeccable. almost chance for ramon richards. he is going to the slant and wide open down the sideline. >> gus: seven catches. 141 yards for zamora. two touchdowns. williams. gain a half-yard on the play. >> joel: boy, what a huge throw. but a better a wide receiver's main job is to get open and remain space. you can do it with body movement and great route running. that is what we saw from ishmael zamora. >> gus: williams. trying to bounce free.
9:15 pm
terrific job by devante averette and maile. that brings up third down and five. a big play here for both sides. >> joel: huge play. oklahoma state has not had much success blitzing against baylor tonight. >> gus: do you bring everybody? >> joel: i would not. i would force seth russell to read this out and try to play coverage. when they force them to read it out, likely in particular with the zone read scheme he is handing the ball off. >> gus: russell has great legs. he runs a 4.4 good tonight on the read option. steps back. throw. caught! zamora again. [ applause ] first down, baylor. ishmael zamora. >> joel: this is wide receiver without running 101. he leans back to the corner.
9:16 pm
pipkins. he leans back in and that creates a window for seth russell. >> gus: eight catches, 175 yards, two touchdowns. out of bounds. inside the oklahoma state five. richards with the saving tackle. first and down goal at the four after the 23-yard gain. russell. trying to power his way to the end zone. he is downed at the one. >> joel: with the big plays start to happen for baylor, it's like an avalanche. they just compound. it's like playing dominoes. once one falls the other falls and the other falls and then the tempo picks up. >> gus: second down and goal at the one. he snapped it behind him. russell covers it up.
9:17 pm
>> joel: all night we have seen them try to switch up, who is taking the snap behind the center. russell thinks that terence williams is going to take the snap. he is line up as a decoy in the running back position and williams never came over to get that. not kyle fuller's fault at all. perfect snap. williams doesn't step over. that is a huge mistake. >> gus: seven second and goal at the one. and third and -- instead it's third and goal at t russell in the shotgun. in the corner. touchdown, baylor! the second one of the night for chris platt! [ cheering ]
9:18 pm
window right here before the ball is ever snapped. watch this ball. he just throws this with unbelievable touch. that is an excellent throw from seth russell for the touchdown. >> gus: connor martin for the extra point. and good. fourth touchdown of the night for russell. two to ishmael zamora. two to chris platt. baylor started inside their
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two touchdown passes, two for ishmael zamora and two for chris platt. the bears giving themselves breathing room. kick it away and barry sanders the deep man. thigh will start inside the five yard line. if baylor can keep the lead, look at the road ahead for bears sponsored by coors light. whatever your mountain, climb on. >> joel: part of the reason this was a big game for baylor, is their next two opponents. with all due respect to iowa state and kansas, those are games that baylor should win. there is a possibility they could go in the texas matchup as undefeated team, near or inside the top ten in the country. >> gus: first down and ten
9:22 pm
for o.k. state. down 35-24. rudolph has to air out now. rudolph looking. check down. rennie childs. childs breaks a tackle. puts up a first down. gets the block. gets over the 30-yard line to the 32. 17-yard scamper for rennie childs. >> joel: this is a dangerous play to be for a qrt we had an injured bade lor bear down -- baylor bear down. looks like number 18, chance waz. the juneer backup safety from pflugerville, texas, got up slowly. the dangerous spot to be for rudolph. down two possessions inside of five minutes. the easy thing to do is try to force the ball down the field. against this coverage, it is so soft. all the defensive backs' eyes in the back field, these are the times when the interceptions happen. even for a guy that rarely
9:23 pm
>> gus: first down and ten at the 32. rudolph in trouble. he gets rilled of it. rude -- he gets rid of it. rudolph on the season has thrown only one interception. >> joel: came in the game with 1134 -- >> gus: second and ten. rudolph. to the sideline. sanders. goes out of bounds. patrick levels pushes him out of play after a two-yard game. >> joel: this style of defense, this game plan and the philosophy from phil bennett, the soft, two-deep coverage, double teaming james
9:24 pm
their life. that is what we have seen from patrick levels, aiavion edwards, taylor young, travon blanchard. they have been outstanding in particular in space. nowhere for oklahoma state to run after the catch. >> gus: third down and eight at the 34. rudolph looking over the middle. incomplete. that is in and out of the hands of fields. with cowboys down faced with a fourth and seven. rudolph stays on the field. they will go for it. >> joel: two-possession game. mike gundy knows this is it. maybe not quite the ballgame but you feel like the ballgame hangs in the balance on this snap of the football. >> gus: they need seven
9:25 pm
rudolph. throws to the sideline. caught by washington. first down for the cowboys. >> joel: they finally get single coverage. i'm surprised they single covered him on fourth down. again, every single time he is one-on-one they throw him the football. every single time he has come up with a catch. >> gus: 11-yard gain for washington. first down and at rudolph. in trouble. buys time. finally dumps it out of bounds. >> joel: conditioning is such a factor now. late in the fourth quarter. muggy night. the next snap is the 90th of the night for oklahoma state. yet the defensive backs continue to stay with the wide receivers.
9:26 pm
first half. they are still making mason rudolph adjust in the pocket and disrupt his sometiming. -- his timing. >> gus: vaughns is back in the game. and it goes nowhere. lenoyxaver jones. shot out of a cannon! >> joel: long player. 6'3", 245 pounds. he wins at the line of he disrupts the play. >> gus: third down and 16. rudolph. out of bounds. flag on the play. >> joel: i think this one is going against oklahoma state. the space that was created, i
9:27 pm
>> referee: pass interference. offense. number 17. penalty is declined. it's fourth down. >> joel: there is austin hays. there is the extension of the arm. he pushes off to gain separation. what an excellent call by the official down the field. >> gus: so that will make it fourth down and 16 at the 40. they need to go 44.5 for a first down. mason rudolph. with time. lets it go. down the field. intercepted! orion stewart. [ cheering ] it at the 30. stewart. still running and out of
9:28 pm
>> gus: jim grobe can take a deep breath. >> joel: fitting that the last play made to seal the victory is made by that secondary. they played great tonight for baylor. phil bennett deserves a lot of credit for an excellent game plan that stood up four quarters. got turnovers. tackled well. excellent effort. what a job by baylor's defense tonight! >> gus: hand it off to hasty. >> joel: felt like oklahoma state got away with a hold. rudolph doing the right thing.
9:29 pm
change. >> referee: oklahoma state calls a time-out in the half. time-out. baylor, 35-24. >> gus: four oklahoma state turnovers tonight. mason rudolph throws his second interception in 153 passes this year. but the one that hurt the
9:30 pm
the ball on the one. he is feeling it. >> joel: that is not even to mention the fourth down stop they got the series prior. the two snaps are the difference in the game. >> gus: two time-out for oklahoma state. seth russell. what a game for the senior quarterback tonight. interception. russell had one interception in the first seven games before the neck injury against iowa state. >> referee: false start. offense, number 88. five-yard penalty. second down.
9:31 pm
>> gus: second and 20. >> gus: goes down at the hard hit in the back by averette. the second time-out in the half. >> gus: one time-out left for cowboys. 2:19 to play. i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports. i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. do i know where i'm going? absolutely.
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won't go up just because of an accident. starting the day you sign up. so get accident forgiveness from allstate. and be better protected from mayhem, like me. it's good to be in...good hands. >> gus: baylor ranked 16 in the nation. with lead over oklahoma state. 2:19 to third and 15. baylor will punt it away. cowboys call the final
9:33 pm
let's look at the dickies performance of the game that goes to -- >> joel: there is a lot of people it could be. ishmael zamora, seth russell. i had to go with the defense. they have been out there all night. they got three stops, 12 tackles for loss, four take-aways. the fourth down stop inside the four yard line. i felt like their effort over 92 snaps only giving up 451 yards. that is a lot but that is under five a snap. under five a play is actually pretty good in this day and in the big 12. i felt like the defense stood up and played a great game against a potent and a powerful offense of oklahoma state. >> gus: punts it away. barry sanders at his own 15. fair caught at the 139. galitz goes down.
9:34 pm
>> joel: there shouldn't be. good effort by galitz. the official all over it. reggie smith. right there. gave the indication. in contact. even with the kicking leg. they are selling out to get there. he goes to the ground and starts to roll around. i thought reggie smith did a good job. no contact. not throwing the flag. the official and the replay booth tonig, conference has been in line for their officiating and the replays in particular from the oklahoma state crowd. which i agree with from the central michigan issue. i understand that. but they have done outstanding job tonight. >> gus: first down and ten at the 20 for rudolph. steps up in the pocket. looking. nobody there. rudolph delivers. incomplete.
9:35 pm
cowboys. >> joel: if you have any shot at all you have to score with a minute left on the clock with no time-outs. double covered, this is a time to throw it as far as you can and get james washington behind the secondary. >> gus: hand it off this time to sanders. he gets to the 30. restarts. the ball is marked. rudolph. sidelined. james washington. >> joel: again, run plays and the underneath routes are not going to cut it. you have to get down the field in a hurry. the offensive line is ro viding a fair bit of -- offensive line is providing
9:36 pm
rudolph. if you can, you have to take your shots. >> gus: second down and ten. hand it off to sanders. is that a flag, joel? >> joel: highly questionable. no way to without time-outs. >> gus: rudolph lines up down the sideline. incomplete. >> joel: and a flag. they should talk about this. they are going to. that was completely uncatchable. even if james washington stops he has to jump backward five yards. i don't think even he can do that. they will stay with it. i don't agree with this at all. >> referee: pass interference. defense number 27.
9:37 pm
first down. >> joel: this ball was woefully underthrown. contact was minimal. missed one there by the officiating crew. >> gus: verkedric vaughns off the field now. here is rudolph. lurking. throws on the move. caught at the 15. what a catch by aus >> joel: they have to talk about this. austin hays was out of bounds for portion of the play. you see the official with his hat off as he will talk to zach reggie smith. you see the hat on the ground behind him? that is the signal for the wide receiver being out. the question is was he forced out earlier in the play? did he try to establish himself back quick enough to
9:38 pm
i don't think he did. >> referee: the receiver went out of bounds on his own return and was the first to touch the pass. illegal touches of a forward pass by the offense number 17. loss of down at the previous spot. second down. >> joel: out of bounds there uncontacted. great catch by the officials. then he comes back in. and is the first to touch the ball. excellent job. textbook. >> gus: that makes it second down and ten with 1:08 to go. >> referee: the ruling on the field of illegal touching is under further review. >> joel: here is the important part.
9:39 pm
>> referee: before we get there. >> joel: the fact it was called on the field no contact the reason it can go to review. they are going to see if he went out of bounds. he clearly did. the fact they can replay this is one, he wasn't contacted. that was the ruling on the field. did he fully step out of bounds? actually he did. this is going to stand. if the ruling on the field, gus, was he was contacted and then re-established and that was a catch this would be unreviewable. >> referee: the ruling ruling on the field is confirmed. illegal touching. it will be second down. >> joel: the rule book is lengthy and nuanced but this is one of those areas that last year came under fire. remember the michigan state-notre dame game. the re-establishing inbounds, was he contacted to go out? was it forcible, so on and so
9:40 pm
officiating crew doing a nice job at the end of the game. >> gus: second down and ten. here is rudolph. winds up. uncomplete. that is short. >> gus: intended for chris lacy. third and ten with a 1:03 to go. >> joel: this sets baylor up well. they understand they can win several types of we have seen them get in the shootout. now they are in a slugfest for them. in particular on the defensive side. oklahoma state came out to rush the ball 37 times. the defensive front for baylor did a great job.
9:41 pm
middle. tackle hard by aiavion edwards. the clock continues to run. oklahoma state can't stop it. >> joel: should have drawn a foul. absolutely should have drawn a foul. you can't do that. should have been unnecessary roughness. >> gus: fourth down. rudolph to the sideline. washington still washington goes out of bounds at the 15. >> joel: has to be a frustrate night for washington. sets oklahoma state up with 15 seconds. >> gus: first down and ten. oklahoma 15.
9:42 pm
looking. in trouble. rudolph throws in the end zone. incomplete. lacy had a step. 13 seconds to go. >> joel: because you are down two scores this has to go in the end zone. you have to score and give yourself at least enough time snap. over 100 plays now for oklahoma state on the night. >> gus: second and ten. rudolph. got to hurry. rudolph. looking. buying time. rudolph. jones!
9:43 pm
[ cheering ] fourth sack of the night for baylor. the bears stay perfect. with a 35-24 win over oklahoma state. baylor 4-0. big night for seth russell, ishmael zamora and chris platt. russell throws four platt. let's go downstairs to shannon. >> shannon: well, coach, your defense played like a billion minutes here tonight. literally fought to the last second. how tough are they? >> they work really hard, shannon. we want to make it interesting for you. they had the backs against the wall time after time. we didn't play the best football but when it counted >> shannon: what do you think of the performance from
9:44 pm
>> coach grobe: that hurt us. our guys like to get going. some of the drivers give oklahoma state credit. they had a couple of drives like seven or eight minutes and kept us off the field. tough for an offense to stand that long on the sideline. we had big plays. that was good. >> shannon: thank you. congratulations. >> coach grobe: thank you. >> gus: the final score from waco, baylor defeats oklahoma state 35-24. we'll be back with more from mclane stadium after these messages. is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man!
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>> gus: 35-24, the final. the season as they defeat oklahoma state. gus johnson along with joel klatt. this is a great win for coach grobe and the baylor program. >> joel: it really is. in particular with everything they have been through. they face an easy nonconference schedule and they come to play in the big 12. they still had questions who they were and how they would handle adversity. they handled it beautifully tonight. i love what they did on defense. i thought they were prepared.
9:49 pm
offense is where they took over the game and won the game with seth russell throwing the ball. >> gus: that's right. seth russell, the senior quarterback was the leader as he had a great day. 18 of 28. 387 yards. four touchdown passes. one interception. >> joel: he did it all really without his most explosive threat k.d. cannon who didn't play in the second half. he had to find other threats. one was chris platt. ishmael zamora comes back from suspension. he was huge including a jump ball win for a touchdown. i thought set leadership and the poise and the calmness tonight was a huge key for baylor. in leading them to this victory. this team will be dangerous in the big 12 from this point forward. >> gus: zamora eight catches. 175 yards. two scores. platt, three catches. 114 yards. two scores. baylor bears sic 'em as they defeat oklahoma state to remain perfect. for joel klatt, i'm gus
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
thank you for joining you us. first tonight at 9:00, a stretch of grand avenue is shut down after a passenger in the car is
9:53 pm
officers tell us two cars were traveling in the area when one sideswiped the other and the one that was hit collided with the power pole. one person died. the driver suffered life-threatening injuriesit is too early to tell if anyone is impaired. a fox 10 news alert out of baltimore where a 3-year-old girl and seven other people are wounded by gunfire. police are on the suspects who left the scene. the child's father is among those wounded. none of the injuries are considered life threatening but no word on what led to the violence. shots fired across the street from a church in guadalupe today. the violence broke out near i-10 and guadalupe. >> as soon as deputies arrived on scene, they detained three vehicles leaving the area and multiple people leaving the
9:54 pm
rounds into the ground and the person was involved in another gang-related shooting back in july. nobody was wounded. police assisted deputies on the scene. police are still looking for the man who shot and injured a man who was sitting in his car. this happened three weeks ago and no suspect. the shooting happened near 35th avenue and baseline. the suspect walked up to the suspect's car and shot him in the chest. the victim taken to and has survived. if you have seen the man here, you are asked to call silent witness that number is 480-witness. >> deputies in tucson say an elderly man and his daughter are dead in a murder-suicide. marie weber kill her 71-year-old father and took her own life. she called their -- her brother
9:55 pm
she suffered from mental illness and had a drug addiction. gila river police department holding a benefit car wash for navajo police officer. courtney griffin spoke to those helping to raise money for his four children. >> something like this is tragic and hits home. >> reporter: the navajo police officer was killed in a head-on call. a benefit car wash was held to raise money for the family. >> i'm thinking about my four grand kids and he was the only child of mine, which makes it really hard. >> reporter: the fallen officer was with the department for 12 years. co-workers describe him as a quiet, yet fun and all around good man. >> he got the job done. if you tell him he has to do this, he was on it.
9:56 pm
>> reporter: officer franks' cousin says all of the money is going to his family. >> when you lose somebody, it is hard to come back from that and it means a lot. >> reporter: those who knew him best says his purpose was to serve and he did it with great pride. >> he was an amazing guy and in the marines, which makes him a little more special. >> reporter: officer franks is appreciative of the help they are receiving from the community. >> love your police and the law enforcement and take good care of them. >> reporter: courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> if you would like to donate, the family set up bank account and for more information go to an ambulance carrying patients gets hit by the light rail after trying to make a u-turn.
9:57 pm
mcclintock. it was trying to make a u-turn when it was hit by the light rail train. the ambulance had a dent in the backside but one man who saw the accident says it looked pretty bad. >> i got into a car accident one time and this was five times worse. i thought the train came off the rails. it could have been anything. >> the patient that was in the ambulance was taken to a local hospital. no word if there were additional injuries from the accident. senator john mccain and senate hopeful ann kirkpatrick are setting up to go head to head in a debate. the two will square off on october 10 on what might be their only debate before the election. questions that are asked are ones that are submitted on social media. mccain is seeking a sixth term in always and kirkpatrick is
9:58 pm
debate is set for monday night where hillary clinton will take on donald trump. political exerts say -- experts say it could be a turning point in the election. you can watch that debate beginning at 6:00 here on fox 10 followed by live reports by john hook who is in new york. we'll be streaming that debate live on our website. fox 10 news is up
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